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Just seeing the art drew me into this, and I'm quite picky on that. Absolutely beautiful ,<3 

Right, unbelievable! :D is looking forward to the game on it ^^ Greeting from Germany

Oh this was a delight! I found myself losing my mind over every little detail I noticed. As soon as I realised the backgrounds were real pictures with animation done over the top I was 100% sold on this little treasure.

The character's unique vocalisations are adorable (I know that in some ways doing this kind of speech pattern saves on proper voice acting, but I love it all the same), and the puzzle mechanics and animations are sublime. I realllllly hope you hit your funding target on Kickstarter, I'm going to try my best to throw some money your way if I can, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on how you're getting on.

Please keep up the amazing work, we need more beauty like this in gaming =)

Streamed your game a while ago and I really enjoyed it, wasn't expecting it to be super duper short, but I liked the style and gameplay of it! :D

The game is really beautiful.

The art style is just amazing.

Here is a short video of us playing the game:

Can't wait for the full release.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!! Appreciate the video as well!

This game is amazing ! This game is art !

Awww thank you!!

I loved this game, the style is awesome can't wait to see what you add to it, great job.

Thank you so much :)

Thank you for the Experience i can't wait for the full Release  

Thank you so much! And cheers for making a video as well!!

Do i go  to a certin thing

Hi Wolfhowler! To play the game you can download the file if you're on windows, or the file if you're on a mac. 
Once that is downloaded you have to (depending if you're on a windows machine or mac)


Dowload the file

Unzip the folder, there are instructions here

  1. Locate the zipped folder that you want to unzip (extract) files or folders from.

    • To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

and then run Tala_Flowerseed.exe   which should will be in the folder that you unzipped.  That will open the launcher and you can press the 'Play!' button at the bottom of that window to start.


Download the file, find your Downloads folder and open the OSX_Tala_KickstarterDemo file and that should work.

Good luck getting it to work. :) 

How do i play the game

This was a beautiful demo. The animation is very well done and I don't see this style of "hand-drawn" looking graphics very often. Using actual photographs for the scenery is an awesome touch as well. The music was super relaxing and the sounds were charming as well. I'm a sucker for point-and-click adventure/puzzle games so this one really hit the spot! I wanted it to be longer. I really hope you hit your kickstarter goal! Thanks so much for making this!!

Thank you for the kind words and the video!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

What a cute looking game! :-)

The background animations aren't superfluous when they help the game feel alive. I read that as you downplaying the importance of the animations, and that's not exactly a good way to present your game. I think ii would benefit the presentation to take the sentence out from the bullet point about interactive environment, and move it to the point about art style. It can also be rewritten to something more positive, like "The background elements are all animated by hand to bring life to the environment.".

Good point! I didn't intend to downplay the importance of them, and I can definitely see how superfluous could be read that way. Cheers!

Did I misunderstand? Can you read the word superfluous in more than one way? English is not my native language.

It's not inherently a negative word, I don't think so, at least. You're completely right that keeping the game feel alive in itself IS a reason for them to be there! 

The art is enticing, and the interaction of poin-click puzzle is well-programed ^^

But then, the screen stuck when I try to put the final piece of the ladder...(I can't click anything except the Option button)... I wonder if it freezes like that intentionally or a bug in my Windows version...

Hmmmm. I haven't heard of it freezing for other people. I'll look into it for you!

es juego tiene traduccion al español.?

No hay palabras en el juego, por lo que no es necesaria una traducción :) (¡Espero que tenga sentido ya que utilicé el traductor de Google!)

Hey there! I cannot express just how much I love this demo! As a photographer I found the graphics style to be absolutely enthralling. And the fact that there are no spoken words in the game makes let's plays fun to make! Thank you for the fun and I can't wait to play the full one. I will be backing this asap!

Can't wait for the full game!

Thanks so much!

It's really pretty, but something about the art style puts me off... I don't really know what though. Great work.

Thanks! It's not an art style for everyone, so I'm glad that there's enough there for you to appreciate. :)

amazing game , i just wish it was bigger because i was just getting into the world and character and it finished 

but its a really beautifull and charming game 

The hope is to make it into a larger 4-6 hour game. So hopefully one day you'll get to experience the full world! 

Hiya, I quite enjoyed the game, it has such a lovely and calm vibe to it. The visual style is a treat for the eyes, I love the use of the real world photographs, combined with the fantastic animations, it makes for some awe-inspiring scenes.

I've always enjoyed point & click games and this one is no exception to that. The gameplay is relaxing and enjoyable. I also like that the dialogue with other characters is visual based, gives the game an even further unique vibe to it.

All in all, the demo was fantastic albeit short. Though that only makes me crave the full release of the game even more. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to give this game a shot.

Also, I hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's play of the demo for my channel.

Cheers, and best of luck with the game!


I'm glad that you enjoyed it!! Thank you for making that video, I love watching people play through it.

What a BEAUTIFUL game! Can't wait for full release! 


Thank you!

Made a video 

Thanks folks!!

Like what everyone else is saying, the art style and especially the animations are great! Only real problem I encountered was getting that ladder step up on the roof. Could be my lack of point and click skill, but the timing seemed very finicky and the puzzle itself was a little illogical. Other than that, the rest of the screw ups were my bad, so good job!

Thank you for playing! Hmm, maybe that puzzle bugged out for you. Once the rung is on the lower area the little flying buddy should be able to knock it down no problem, there usually shouldn't be any timing involved. Glad that you enjoyed it regardless of that frustration, though!

Good day developers! I wanna say i really love your game! It is beautiful and i Love how you make a combination of the realistic photography and cute animations! I wanna play more of your game! Keep it up and Stay Awesome! I wanna share the vid i made :3 Hope you will like it XD

Thank you!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! That makes me happy.

I absolutely loved this. I am very excited for your full release and will be supporting the kickstarter!  Also, I accidentally recorded the game volume too low and couldn't fix it, so I dubbed it over with some other music. Just letting you now the audio isn't broken! I'm sad I screwed that up though, it was very pleasant all around.

Thank you so much Gubbz! I'm glad that you loved it! :D

I really like where this is going! Look forward to the full Release :) 

Thank you!! And thank you for taking the time to make a video too!

This game was really nice and calming.Its artstyle is really awesome and pretty similar to Bendy and the ink machine which is really cool cuz I love this.The real life photos and objects blend really well with the game which is great and characters are really adorable lookin.Surely lookin forward to the full game =)

Thanks so much for the video and I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Point and click games aren't usually my style, but the art really caught my eye. Unfortunately a pc update changed my obs settings and I lost the audio, but I was able to restore most of it. Pretty relaxing overall, though I don't think the dialogue animations need to play twice. Made me want to it in a forest with pie and tea on a summer evening, so I'd say I liked it.

(1 edit)

I'm always curious about how non-p&c players react to the game; I tried to make it as an accessible as possible version of the genre and it looks like I succeeded. Thank you!

And yeah, I think you're right about the dialogue thing.

Very relaxing and, loved the art style. I don't think I have ever seen an art style such as this in a game. It is wonderful! I really can't think of any negatives it's so well done.

Thank you so much!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it as much as you did! Here's hoping that the Kickstarter funds so I can make it into a full game.

This game is way too cute. I just created an account on to comment this lol.

Hahaha thank you. I'm super flattered! 

Nice game

Cheers David!

Deleted post

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the video!!!

I loved the art style and general gameplay. I really had allot of fun and I hope the kickstarter succeds so we can get more of this wonderful game. 


Thank you so much! I hope it succeeds too. I'd love for everyone to see what I have planned for the world of Tala.


It's adorable. :) Good luck with the Kickstarter! 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanks so much!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much.

good game

Thank you!