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I played this a while back and really enjoyed it.

Good Luck wobblyfootgamer

This had a wonderful charm to it! I enjoy the little world you've created here so far. The music and graphics were lovely as well. It would be great to see this expanded someday, I can see a lot of potential! 

Thank you!! It's a world I'd love to return to one day and expand it out.  It has resonated with a lot of people and it makes me super happy.

I had a play and did a video for you guys. I really liked the graphics and did find it a little buggy but it's early stages and I don't create games so I really do appreciate all the hard work you've put into this.



Thank you so much! If I ever get the chance to expand it out to a larger game then I'll actually spend time fixing the bugs, but since it was basically a little art test it had its charm to keep some of them in, hahah. 

Interesting world! If you continue working on this, consider adding a mouse sensitivity option in the menu. First Person games wreck me (make me dizzy), but yours was almost instant dizziness because of the default settings. 

Thank you! And yeah, the mouse control being awful is one of those things I had to concede to have since the plugin I was using had really bad options for it. I definitely need to play around with it more as I explore doing more first person things. 

Gotcha! Yea, it never affected me as a kid playing, but you know, one of the many benefits of getting older... wisdom & inability to play first person games.... ;)  I enjoy your art style and look forward to Tala!

Thanks so much! Should be news regarding Tala pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

This robot is my best friend now. I'm making us friendship bracelets.

I love how this looks and sounds. The colors especially are fantastic. It has a very relaxed vibe. I'm sorry we couldn't see more of what this game could've become, because this demo really speaks to me.

Thank you so much! Creating a world that people want to spend time in is my number one goal as a creator, so I'm really glad that you connected with this tiny slice of a universe. I really hope to expand the world out a bit because oh boy I have some great little worldbuilding ideas.