The last bus of the night passes you while you wait for it. Better gear up for the long walk through the woods.

Kintsugi was a personal project that will probably never be finished, so I'm putting what I do have up for people to check out. Pretty much all you can do is walk. The animation of the few interactive elements is not great at best. It's more of an atmosphere test rather than a game at this state.

I put Kintsugi together in mid-to-late 2016 while processing some emotional things. The intended message is that things may be bad, but there's hope. Things can be repaired. The hurt can be stitched together into hope. The stitches may be ugly, but they'll keep you dry in the rain.

A perpetual walk through the woods is just as poignant in its own way...


Some unused assets that never got animated & implemented. A hint into the story that wasn't told in this little prototype.

Music is An Evening A Lifetime by Twin Musicom (

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Published 1 year ago


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I really love this.


Thank you so much! It's a super important little personal thing, even if it never got finished. I'm glad that others enjoy it in spite of that!